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Jan 2015

On January 13, 2015 we received a Thank you Letter from St. Petersburg Charity Home for organization of children's visits to St. Petersburg theaters. Our collaboration with Charity Home is a 22-year-standing project. The goal of the project is the implementation of educational programs for children without parental care.

Jul 2014

On July 2, 2014 the president of SI club St. Petersburg had a meeting with two SI clubs of Volos city (Greece) - Volos First Club and Volos Thetis. The meeting with clubs from Volos city was held in an atmosphere marked with classical Greek cordiality and warmth.

May 2014

Programme Director of SI St. Petersburg was invited to Geneva, Switzerland to take part in the First Programme & Advocacy Seminar of SI/E.

Jan 2014

We completed the joint project of SI Zagreb and SI St.Petersburg: organization of the competition of children's creative works in Applied Art and the exhibition of works of Croatian and Russian children «Water and Food» in St. Petersburg.

The exhibition took place in the ecologic-biological centre in St.Petersburg in the framework of the international seminar «Development of the system of lifelong ecological education».

Dec 2013

We awarded Galina Zhukova the title «Girl of the Year - 2013». Being an excellent pianist, she received the title for for her great achievements in the field of concert activities, organization of master classes, educational activities at the faculty of Arts of St.Petersburg State University.

Jul 2013

We successfully completed our international project «Bread calendar». It was a joint product of 12 SI Clubs from 3 SI Federations. We presented the calendar on 12-14 July in Berlin at the 20th SI/E Congress: «Visions of Paradise» - Soroptimists Go for Water and Food.

May 2013

We organized the strabotomy operation of 6-year-old girl, Lada Shakh, from the Charity Home. The girl suffered from cross-eye and obviously had no future but studying in a special school. She went through the rehabilitation post-operation treatment also organized by the Club.

Apr 2013

In April and May a club member, Elena Volkova, organized 2 excursions to the Museum of Transport and Elagin Island Museum of Art Glass for the children from the Charity Home. Children travelled by the old tram, listened to the history of our city and practised painting on the glass.

Feb 2013

On February 14th, 2013 together with 20 members of Imatra club, Finland, and their husbands we visited the Charity Home presenting the children different developing board games, clothes and toys.

Jan 2013

On Christmas Day, January 7th, our Club bought special soft models for the children of the Charity Home. These toys develop space awareness, size recognition and other necessary lifelong skills in smaller children of the age of 3 up to 7 years old. Children were extremely happy, especially the smaller ones.

Nov 2012

The Charity Home had celebrations of the 20th anniversary of its foundation. We have been together for 20 years already - it is our oldest on-going project. There were a lot of guests - representatives of the city authorities, companies, centres and others. Our club presented a table soccer - a dream of the children. It turned out to be the biggest present of the event!

Oct 2012

The female chamber choir Orpharion took part in the international competition «Canta al Mar» in Barcelona, Spain and received a Silver Diploma. The Club helped with the organization of the choir participation. Congratulations!

Jun 2012

We are happy: the main project of 2012 is completed! We planted 15 bushes, 2 silver fir trees and perennial flowers in 3 flower beds in the inner yard of Hospice-3 and Hospice-6. The benches in the yard now have beautiful sunshade roofs. This creates a quiet and safe place for the patients who like spending their time under these roofs, even celebrate their birthdays!

May 2012

On 18 - 21 of May three members of the Club were invited by SI of Imatra to take part in the annual meeting of the representatives of the Finnish SI Clubs.

About 2 hundred people attended the meeting where the president of the Club SI St Petersburg made a presentation about the ongoing and completed projects of the Club. The Club members were very warmly welcomed and they had a chance to discuss different matters in a friendly environment. The Club members were greatly impressed by the thoroughly planned meeting, enjoyed the Imatra Club hospitality and magnificent nature of the place.

Apr 6, 2012

On the 6th of April 2012 the Greek Institute of St Petersburg State University has received 32 valuable dictionaries and books for students who study New Greek language.

The event was the final step in completion of the joint project with two Clubs of Volos, Greece (FIRST and THETIS) with the participation of the Club FOUNDER, Athens. The reception was attended by Consul of Greece in St Petersburg, students and professors of the University and Club members.

Dec 2011

- Link with Bergen, Norway

On 2-4 December our club celebrated the 20th anniversary of its Charter in the company of 97 guests from 31 Soroptimist clubs of 9 European countries, with Immediate Past SI President Hanne Jensbo and SI/E President Kathy Kaaf among them.

Establishment of Friendship Link with SI of Bergen, Norway.

Dec 2, 2011

Svetlana Andrijanova has become the Girl of the Year 2011. Svetlana is a brilliant student of the school «Dante Alighieri» and the president of her school club «I love Italy». She has made a lot of successful presentations including «Comparison of the traditions of Italy and Russia», «Russian and Italian cuisine», «The largest cultural centers of Italy». Svetlana organized meetings with Italian students and professors.

May 2011

8 club members planted 2 silver fir-trees, 15 bushes and 3 flowerbeds in the inner yard of
Hospice 3 to make a difference.

Apr 2011

The club presented useful gifts to the young actors of the Drama studio of the Charity Home after watching the studio performance «The Blue Bird» by M. Maeterlinck.

On Easter each child in the orphanage received a special Easter cake from the club. There were organized 7 visits to the theatre performances for the children of the orphanage and an excursion for the participants of the Drama studio to the backstage of the Drama theatre named after V.Komissarzhevskaya.

Mar 2011

Project «Meetings in the Charity Home». In March 2011 the club organized a meeting of the orphanage children with a famous actor Jury Kuznetsov. The children also watched some episodes from the films with Kuznetsov's participation.

Jan 2011

Club member Nadezhda Zharkova organized 2 free excursions to the exhibition «The Sails of Hellas» in the Menshikov Palace for 40 workers of the Hospice number 3.

Dec 2010

Our club awarded Arina Reznikova, a brilliant 4-year student of St.Petersburg State University, a title «Girl of the Year-2010». Arina became a winner in the «Best translation of Modern Greek poems competition» organized by our club and the university Modern Greek department. Two Soroptimist clubs of Volos, Greece sent to Arina their words of appraisal and support and wished great success in her professional future.

Nov 2010

Project «Charity Home meetings». Meeting with the prominent goalkeeper of Zenit football team V.Malafeev in the Charity Home.

Oct 2010

Project «Charity Home meetings». We decided to organize a number of meetings of the children with prominent persons of our country. Orphans lack good examples of successful people who achieved a lot in their lives through hard work, strong character and the ability to reach their goals. We give the children a good chance to meet these people face-to-face, communicate with them, and receive their advice.The first guest was the outstanding sportsman - two-timeworld champion in boxing N.Valuev.

Aug 2010

Project «Image of water in music». We helped to organize a concert tour of the female chamber choir «Orpharion» in Prague, Vienna and Salzburg. Part of the programme was devoted to water and called «Water image in music». This tour had a double task:

  • to raise money for the club project «Making a difference» - assistance to
    Hospice N 3 in St.Petersburg in redecorating the inner yard of the hospice and organizing
    special shelter over the benches to isolate the patients from direct sun rays
  • promote Russian choir singing in Europe

Jul 2010

At the Governors' Meeting in Ghent, Belgium our club received the «Best Practice Award - 2010» in 5th programme focus objective!

May 2010

SI/E seminar «Train The Trainers» took place in St.Petersburg. Representatives of 5 Russian clubs and clubs from Estonia and Lithuania had an opportunity to meet each other, exchange the information about their projects, to speak about problems.

Apr 2010

The club member V.Panina helped to find costumes for the drama studio of the orphanage to stage «The Betrothal» by M.Maeterlinck. We presented 25 big Easter cakes for Easter celebrations in the orphanage, organized a regular haircut for the children in a hairdressing studio.

Mar 2010

Start of the Project «Making a difference». We visited Hospice number 3 of our city on its 15th anniversary with valuable presents, flowers for the staff and disposable diapers for patients. Together with the staff we made a plan of improvement of inner yard for patients to rest in summer.

Jan 2010

Start of the project «Better world to children» - to give the children from the Charity home an opportunity to experience beauty of the world of arts, to be at the Children's New Year Party in the Mikhailovsky Castle, visit the Mariinsky Opera House to listen to W.A.Mozart's opera «The Magic Flute», have 3 excursions to see unforgettable authors' dolls in the Gallery of Dolls.

Jan 2010

Start of the project «Getting closer»: New members of our club initiated the project to know each other better - our jobs, interests and hobbies. The club members make presentations about their jobs, invite us to exhibitions, concerts etc. Through this project we strengthen our relations.

Dec 2009

Joint project with the club Bangor, Northern Ireland. Alexandra Roshchina, a postgraduate of ITT, Dublin, researcher in computer science, was chosen the «Girl of the Year - 2009» and awarded by two clubs for her successful professional and creative activities.

Nov 2009

The club visited the orphanage on the day of its birthday and brought books, dictionaries, reference materials concerning different school subjects, and kitchen utensils bought with the help of club «Les Fagnes».

Jul 2009

Participation of two members of the Club in the Congress «Soroptimists go for water» in Amsterdam. Friendly meeting with the Club of Rotterdam-Schieland, The Netherlands.

May 22, 2009

International Festival of Children and Young People's Cine and Video Creative Art «Petersburg Screen»

The authors of children and young people's films and groups of different types were invited to take part in the Festival. Film duration was from a minute to 10

All the films presented were considered by the selection board that approves the film program for the final screening. The winners in nomination «Clean water» were awarded with memorable presents from the Club SI St.Petersburg.

Apr 23-24, 2009

In April 23-24, 2009 the Competition in computer graphics was held in St.Petersburg focusing on selection of IT gifted children and youth. The participants of the Competition taking part in nomination «Water freedom in our city» had to submit 2 works in the form of a cover for a book, magazine, reference book or album.

The Club SI St.Petersburg awarded the authors of the best works of this nomination by the Diplomas of 1-3 degrees and valuable presents as well.

Sep 2008

In September 2008 the Club members visited 15 elderly people to celebrate the International day of the Elderly. Within the Joint project with the Belgian club «Les Fagnes» 3 Club members visited a non-state Home for the elderly with fruit and flowers. They presented gifts from the Belgian club - special cosmetics sets for the elderly - to 10 women at the age of 86-91.

May 2008

Supporting talented children the International Women's Club «Soroptimist International St.Petersburg» became the sponsor of one-minute video film competition in order to increase environmental awareness of younger generation. Video films were shot by the children within one day directly during the time of the International Festival of Children and Young people's Cine and Video Creative Art «Petersburg screen» held in May 2008 in St.Petersburg, Russia. The International Women's Club «Soroptimist International St.Petersburg» within the framework of European project «Soroptimists go for water» presented award-winning works of one-minute video films competition winners, which demonstrated the significance of water for human life and the surrounding world.

Award-winning films:

  • Little fairy
  • Bridges of the worlds
  • The Neva bolero

Apr-Aug, 2008

In April 2008 the Club had a meeting with an associate-professor of the general and military hygiene department of the Military medical academy Narykov Vladimir. There were 30 guests invited to the meeting organized by the Club member. The main theme was water - the important condition of human life, factors that influence the population health - quality of water purification in St.Petersburg, water cleaning up in home conditions. In April the Club organized excursion to St.Petersburg Museum of Water for the Club members and friends. In August the Russian Museum organized an exhibition called «Water power» visited by our Club members.

Jan 26, 2007

Visit to attend the traditional New Year festival in the Charity Home. Among the gifts were art books and albums of Russian art, DVD films for children, a large non-flammable curtain for their theatrics, scarves and sets of cosmetics for the staff and two calendars with reproductions of Lubov Kostenko's paintings.


A calendar was produced by the S. I. of Bangor, Northern Ireland, in partnership with our club which contained reproductions of paintings by the artist Lubov Kostenko. The proceeds from the sale in Bangor and elsewhere were used for social projects in Bangor and St. Petersburg.

Sep-Oct, 2006

International Day of the Elderly, October 1, was marked with the project «A Week of the Elderly» which was targeted to a group of elderly patients of the Rehabilitation Centre of the Vasileostrovsky Psycho-Neurological Clinic. It was a week program for 100 patients including, in particular, a meeting with legal and welfare specialists, a concert, a tea party and a trip to a suburban part for the picnic. The project was carried out in partnership with the Friendship Link club of Mantova, Italy, and was intended to help socialize lonely and depressed people.

Apr-May, 2006

A parcel of German books was received from the Friendship Link club of Bergisch-Land/Wuppertal and some of them were awarded to the «Girl of the year» (a standing project of the club) in May.

Jan, 2006

Visit of 3 club members to the Charity Home to attend their traditional New Year Festival. 2 huge cream cakes and 40 backpacks for outings were gifted. The purchase was made in friendship with the Friendship Link club of Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Oct 2004 - Jan 2005

PEACE DOLL INTERNATIONAL PROJECT proved to be a large-scale undertaking. It involved more than 150 active participants, both individuals and over 20 children's groups in creativity centers and schools. Six exhibitions of dolls were held in various leisure centers and in the St. Petersburg Exhibition and Concert Hall in the Smolny Cathedral. 28 children were awarded by our club for the best dolls and 20 youngest children were invited to a tea party and given souvenirs. In April 2005 an auction was held by the club attended by 110 people. 30 dolls were sent to the Friendship Link club of Roma Tre to the auctioned off. Dolls were also sent as gifts to the town of Metz, France, to the Friendship Link club of Rotterdam-Schieland, the Netherlands, and to the Vienna Congress (July 2005). The money raised was used for social projects.

An exchange of school groups was arranged between a group of Danish pupils from the town of Aarhus, Denmark, and a group of Russians from school No. 61 in St. Petersburg. The group from Aarhus was received by Russian families in October while the reciprocal visit of the Russian pupils took place in January 2005. Both groups had started a preliminary correspondence for better acquaintance and prepared concert programs for the visits.

Oct 2004

Club members visited an Orphanage for Disabled Children in Peterhof, a suburb of St. Petersburg, in connection with the 30th anniversary of the home, bringing presents for over 100 children. The club paid the expense of a metal entrance door installed for safety and found a sponsor to pay for the installation of another door with code and phone.

Apr 2004

Valentina Panina, actress and club member, gave a talk on the actor's profession to the children and staff of the Charity Home as well as a concert, aided by her actress daughter, accompanying themselves on the guitar.

Jan 2004

President and some club members visited the Charity Home with traditional Christmas gifts, more particularly drawing albums, color pencils and crayons.

Nov 30, 2003

Visit of a group of club members to a woman's prison. There was a talk and concert for the inmates and a collection of books was contributed to the prison library.

Sept 28, 2003

Soroptimist Rally for Friendship was a joint event organized by our club with the S. I. Novgorod. The Novgorodian soroptimists hosted more than 100 participants, club members and friends offering an interesting program.

Oct 1, 2003

International Day of the Elderly was marked by visits to retired people with poor health to bring them flowers, fruits, chocolates or even small amount of money to be spent on medicine and other necessities. A joint project with the Friendship Link club of Roma Tre.

Jan 2003

Important contribution to the facilities' improvement for study and recreation in the Charity Home (ongoing main project) was made by the club, in particular to the donations from soroptimists who attended the 10th anniversary of our club. The home was provided with a movable classroom board, a board and basket for the gym along with several dumb-bells, 30 bedside tables for the bedrooms and some equipment for the playroom. All these was the addition to the usual Christmas gifts and free tickets for children Christmas parties.

Oct 31, 2002

A visit to the Centre of Greek Language and Culture organized by the club for a delegation of the Thessaloniki city council, headed by its mayor, Mr. Kapetanopulos who arrived in St.Petersburg to establish twin-city relations between Thessaloniki and St. Petersburg.

The delegation brought a collection of books in Greek, including those by the classic writer A.Papadiamantis sent by S. I. of Thessaloniki as a gift to the city of St. Petersburg. Among the participants were professors and students of the Greek Department of St. Petersburg State University.

May 22-26, 2002

Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the club’s charter, attended by soroptimists from 9 countries as well as by representatives of Russian clubs from Moscow, Magadan, Novgorod and St. Petersburg. Among the guests were three soroptimists who were present at the inauguration of Club St. Petersburg in December 1991: Dr. Hildegard Schnoring (Bergisch-Land Wuppertal), Dr. Sirkka Lankinen (Lahti, Finland) and Rezan Barutcuogly, a soroptimists from Turkey.

In addition to the general program, specialized visits and events were organized for individual guests and small groups, such as a trip to the Children’s Village (SOS - Kinderdorf project) in a suburb of St. Petersburg, a visit to a bread factory and a small party at home.

Jun 2001

Participation of the club in the "SOS-Kinderdorf project": visit to the «children's
village» in the suburbs of St.Petersburg to attend the opening ceremony. Sports equipment for outdoor games was presented by the club.

Jun 2000

«The Girl of the Year» award was established by the club to encourage the best achievers in sciences or arts.

Jun 2000

A joint project with the St.Petersburg Union of Artists: a gift of 50 drawings and water-colors by professional artists to a secondary school to form a permanent exhibition.

May 2000

- Link with Bangor, Northern Ireland

Establishment of Friendship Links with the S.I.of Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Jul 1999

«newCentury» joint project of the S.I.of Bremerhaven,Germany, the university clinic in Munster, Germany and the S.I.of St.Petersburg: ophthalmic prosthetic operation on Andrei Chistiakov, a 15-year-old boy from the orphanage, who needed a restorative facial operation after an eye operation for cancer made in St.Petersburg earlier. The projects was initiated by a soroptimist from Bremerhaven.


Since 1999, the Year of the Elderly, the club has marked the Day of the Elderly by giving financial help to a group of the elderly people, including war veterans - joint projects with the Roma Tre club, Italy, and the club of Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Sep 1998

Meeting with a group of Danish soroptimists and visit to the Charity Home in its new place - an 18-century mansion in the old part of the city, badly in need of repair.

Apr 1998

Visit of a group of St.Petersburg soroptimists to Lahti, Finland, arranged together with the
Friendship Links club.

Nov 1997

Meeting with Ute Schtolzle, S.I.of Konstanz Germany, who brought German textbooks for university students - a gift from the soroptimists of Konstanz.

Jun 1997

- Link with Lahti, Finland

Reception of a soroptimist group of the Frindship Links club from Lahti, Finland. Aid to the Charity Home - clothes, more than 40 pairs of shoes, given by the Finnish soroptimists.

May 1997

Reception of a group of soroptimists of the Wien-Donau club, Austria. Party at the Youssoupov Palace.

May 9, 1997

Celebration arranged by the S.I.of St.Petersburg in the Veteran Actors' Home. Charity performance at the V.Komissarzhevskaya Drama Theatre in aid of the Actors' Home, with active participation of the St.Petersburg club in its organization.

Apr 1997

Charity concerts in Italy of two musicians from the St.Petersburg club, arranged by soroptimist clubs under leadership of Luciana Reni, Mantova.

Mar 1997

Charity concerts arranged in Denmark by four clubs under leadership of Karen Lindberg for musicians from St.Petersburg (one member of the St.Petersburg club)

Dec 1996

Fifth anniversary of the St.Petersburg club, with soroptimists from Novgorod attending the party.

Oct 1996

Delivery of rubber boots and woolen socks (52 pairs) for the orphanage - gift of the Dusseldorf and Bergisch-land/Wuppertal clubs.

Jul 1996

A two-week course of English, conducted by the Dutch teachers, in continuation of the project, for St.Petersburg club members.

Jun 1996

- Link with Mantova, Italy

Receiving a group of 32 Italian soroptimists from the club of Mantova, Cremona and some other.

Party at the Youssoupov Palace. Signing of the Friendship Links agreement with president Luciana Reni, S.I.of Mantova.

Mar 1996

Meeting of club members with a group of Danish tourists led by soroptimists Karen Lindberg and Birthe Borre.

Visit to the orphanage, with clothes, shoes and gifts for the children brought by the Danish visitors.

Jan 1996

A joint meeting and Christmas party of the club and the staff and children of the orphanage Charity Home in the Sheremetev Palace.

Oct 1995

A three-week course of English for St.Petersburg club members conducted by Drs.CJJ.de Witt Wijnen and J.H.Kok from the Netherlands. The project was developed and implemented by the Dutch Union with active participation of the S.I.of Rotterdam-Schieland.

May 1995

Trip of a group of St.Petersburg soroptimists to Novgorod, Russia to attend the Charter of the Novgorodian club, which the St.Petersburg club had been assisting throughout the preliminary stage of its organization.

Feb 1995

- Link with Wuppertal, Germany

Establishment of Friendship Links with S.I.of Bergisch-Land, Wuppertal, Germany.

Nov 1994

St.Petersburg Music Salons in Wiesbaden" charity concerts and charity concert in Dusseldorf arranged by German soroptimists with participation of a musician from the St.Petersburg club.

Mar 1994

- Link with Rotterdam-Schieland, the Netherlands

Establishment of Friendship Links with the club of Rotterdam-Schieland, the Netherlands.

Jan 1993

Charity Ball and auction was held in the Friendship House helped to raise money in order to buy a kitchen gas-range, a fridge and some simple furniture for the Charity Home.


- Link with Roma Tre, Italy

The club concentrated its efforts on providing the Home with bed linen and blankets, tableware and saucepans, etc. It directed western humanitarian aid, whenever possible, to the orphanage - primarily food, but also second-hand clothes and shoes both for the children and adults. The club established the tradition of bringing Christmas and Easter gifts and arranging a party for the children.

The club also participated in directing the humanitarian aid sent from Germany and Switzerland - clothes, food, and medicine - to various orphanages and hospitals.

In 1992 Friendship Links were established with S.I. of Roma Tre, Italy.

Dec 3, 1991

Charter of the S.I.single club of St.Petersburg. Present at the ceremony in the Shuvalov Palace («Friendship House&raqio;), were more than 400 soroptimists from nearly all countries of Europe, as well as Israel and Turkey.

Present, too, was Carmela Basili, the new-born club's godmother.

It was a time of food rationing in Russia, suddenly changed into a time of abundance quite inaccessible to people: deregulation of prices from 1 January 1992 sky-rocketed the prices and turned people's savings into ashes.

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