Know yourself and world of water

In April 2008 the Club had a meeting with an associate-professor of the general and military hygiene department of the Military medical academy Narykov Vladimir. There were 30 guests invited to the meeting organized by the Club. The main theme was water – the important condition of human life, factors that influence the population health – quality of water purification in St.Petersburg, water cleaning up in home conditions.

In April the Club organized excursion to St.Petersburg Museum of Water for the Club members and friends. We saw exhibitions of the patterns of water pipes and special purification systems from the time of Ancient Greece up to nowadays.

During the year the Club members got acquainted with scientific publications, books, films devoted to the problem of water. We have been collecting books, copies of different materials concerning water problems and people's health.

In August the Russian Museum organized an exhibition called “Water power” visited by our Club members. There were presented the canvases of the Russian artists of 17-19 centuries devoted to water essence. The member of our Club took part in the organization of this exhibition.

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