Petersburg Screen

International Festival of Children and Young People’s Cine and Video Creative Art “Petersburg Screen”.

The authors of children and young people’s films and groups of different types are invited to take part in the Festival. The authors should be under 18 at the moment of applying. The Festival accepts films of any genre and creative decision except TV-interviews, TV-plays and TV-plots. Film duration can be from a minute to 10 minutes. Each film should be recorded on a separate cassette mini DV or separate DVD. Films on the disks should be recorded only in format DVD ( MPEG-2 or AVI). Cassettes and DVD should be packed in rigid containers. The Festival accepts only the films which have sound track, titles or sub-titles in Russian. Therefore, to translate your film into Russian the transcripts (either in the form of a sound track or visual ones) should be printed in English on a separate sheet of paper. You should fill in an application form (filmographic card) for each film in block letters in English according to the form required. The form is attached.

All the films presented are considered by the selection board which approves the film program for the final screening .The films that do not meet the technical requirements mentioned above are not admitted to the participation in the Festival. Each author receives a Diploma of the Festival participant for the film presented. The award-winning films are kept in the Festival archive. The winners in nomination “Clean water” are rewarded with memorable presents.

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