Image of water in Music

"Image of water in Music" is a concert tour of the female chamber choir "Orpharion".

Our club patronizes the creative activity of the female chamber choir "Orpharion". This choir having 25 members is conducted by Olga Senkova (Vocar). The majority of the choir participants are the former singers of the famous children's choir of St.Petersburg Radio and Television, they are not professional musicians but their love to choir singing makes them devote their free time to "Orpharion" born in 2004.

The choir was a participant of the choir festivals in Cyprus (2005), Italy (2006, 2007), "The Singing World" Festival in St.Petersburg, it gives concerts at different venues of our city throughout the year. Its extensive repertoire includes Russian and Western European classical music, Russian church music.

In July - August 2010 the choir is going on a concert tour to Czechia and Austria : concerts in Prague: 31.07.2010; Vienna: 1.08.2010 (Peterskirche - 14:00); Salzburg: 2.08.2010 This tour called "Image of water in Music" is organized as a fundraising event in the framework of the club project "Making a difference" - assistance to Hospice №3 of St.Petersburg in redesigning the inner yard of it to meet the needs of the patients suffering from cancer.

Female chamber choir Orpharion
Female chamber choir Orpharion
Female chamber choir Orpharion

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