Aiding the orphanage

The project started in 1992.

In January 2008 two club members visited the orphanage with presents for its drama studio - a music center and digital camera.

In March the Club members, their relatives and friends presented accessories to the orphanage girls as gifts for the International Women’s Day. The information about this project was displayed in the Internet and many Petersburgers joined the action. More than 200 items for 50 girls aged from 5 up to18 were gathered.

In April the Club members and their colleagues at work prepared Easter presents for the orphanage children. We gathered more than 100 items – toys, CDs, sets for creative activities, objects for sport games, costumes for the drama studio, books.

In September the Club members held the action “Presents for school”. The children were presented school stationery, sets for creative activities, developing creativity games- 50 presents with cost from 1 up to 5 euros. It was a joint project with the soroptimists of the Club”Les Fagnes” from Belgium who brought with them more than 100 presents for the children (stationary, developing games, special vitamins) with total cost 800 euros.

Archived projects

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