Aiding disabled people "Healing through creativity”

In December 2007 the Club organized a meeting “Healing through creativity” devoted to the International Day of Disabled people. It took place in the restaurant “Nevsky” where the owner Natalia Shpakova, the Club member, arranged a tea party. The representatives of public organizations dealing with disabled people were invited to tell about their work and share their experience. The representatives of exhibition halls, city administration and journalists were invited as well. The President of SI St.Petersburg Club handed letters of gratitude and valuable presents to those present. The gifts were prepared by the Director of fur salon Natalia Kvasova ( sets and books for needlework) and hat maker Marina Sedova (18 master-made hats for disabled women).

As a part of the project “Healing through creativity” in December 2007 the President helped in organization of the exhibition of disabled people’s creative works in the State museum of vocational training history in St.Petersburg. It was open during a month and displayed embroided pictures, wood carving works, knitting and beads works and also pictures painted by the artists with mental diseases.

During the year the Club member gave the disabled people tickets for musical concerts in different halls of St.Petersburg.

The President organized 15 excursions to the city museums and visits to the theatres for the disabled people.

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