04 December, 2010

On 15 November we organized a meeting of the children from the orphanage Charity Home with the glorious goalkeeper of St. Petersburg Zenit football team - V.Malafeev. This football team is a champion of Russia now and the most popular in our city.

18 November, 2010

We invited an experienced landscape designer to visit Hospice 3 of our city where together with the staff we made a plan of improvement of inner yard for patients to rest in summer. The hospice patients suffering from cancer need some shelter from the direct sun rays when they rest outside the building in the hospice yard in summer. The place should be decorated with perennial flowers and beautiful plants to look more pleasant and nicer.

18 November, 2010

Our club received the Best Practice Award in 5th nomination at the Governors’ Meeting in Ghent, Belgium on 3 July, 2010. We are happy to be recognized!

18 November, 2010

On 21 October the female chamber choir "Orpharion" had a concert together with "Het Holland Concert Koor" conducted by O.L.V Jan Verhoef. Their concert took place in the Great Hall of the summer residence of Russian tsars - the Great Catherine Palace in Pushkin, wonderful suburb of St.Petersburg.

The programme of the concert included Russian church and West-European classical music as well as folk songs.

18 November, 2010

On October 30, 2010 we started a new project called "Charity Home Meetings" as a part of our long-term project - assistance to the orphanage. We decided to organize a number of meetings of the orphans with prominent people of our country. Orphans lack good examples of successful people who achieved a lot in their lives through hard work, strong character and the ability to reach their goals.


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