Meeting with the goalkeeper of Zenit football team - V.Malafeev

On 15 November we organized a meeting of the children from the orphanage Charity Home with the glorious goalkeeper of St. Petersburg Zenit football team - V.Malafeev. This football team is a champion of Russia now and the most popular in our city.

This meeting was part of our project Charity Home Meetings - we invite prominent people to the orphanage to talk to the children, answer their questions about success, life values, ways to reach their goals in life. After the talk Slava presented his book Goalkeeper to the most active listeners. All children received special blue and white scarves common to Zenit fans with a logo of the team and took part in an autograph session.The children were really excited to meet the champion, listen to his answers, drink tea with him, wearing Zenit scarves round their necks, be photographed with the goalkeeper.

Meeting with Zenit goalkeeper
Meeting with Zenit goalkeeper

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