Better world to children

We started this project in 2010 as a part of our ongoing project "Charity Home". We try not only to give presents to children from the orphanage and support their theatre performances but through our new project give them an opportunity to experience kindness and beauty of a better world than they used to know before coming to the .

Within the framework of our project they had a chance to:

Girl of the Year-2009

The project was instituted to encourage the girls who made great achievements in their studying, professional and creative activities. In December 2009 our Club gave "Girl of the Year-2009" award to Sasha Roshchina - creator of our new website. Sasha graduated with honour from the St.Petersburg State University, faculty of philology and arts and had her postgraduate studies in computer science in Dublin ITT, Republic of Ireland.

Getting closer

This new project is initiated by new members of the Club to know each other better - jobs, interests and hobbies. The club members make presentations about their jobs, invite us to exhibitions, concerts etc. Through this project we strengthen our relations within the club.

Petersburg Screen

International Festival of Children and Young People’s Cine and Video Creative Art “Petersburg Screen”.

Computer Graphics Competition

The competition is over and we can proudly present the winners with their works:

Warmth of our Hearts

It is a part of ongoing project of aiding the Charity Home. 3 girls-patients of the psychoneurological dispensary №1, who study machine knitting with the help of our club president, knitted 50 scarves for the orphanage children. The state finances only the certain number of children in the Charity home, but this number is constantly changing.

Archived projects

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