Aiding the orphanage

The project started in 1992.

In January 2008 two club members visited the orphanage with presents for its drama studio - a music center and digital camera.

In March the Club members, their relatives and friends presented accessories to the orphanage girls as gifts for the International Women’s Day. The information about this project was displayed in the Internet and many Petersburgers joined the action. More than 200 items for 50 girls aged from 5 up to18 were gathered.

Aiding disabled people "Healing through creativity”

In December 2007 the Club organized a meeting “Healing through creativity” devoted to the International Day of Disabled people. It took place in the restaurant “Nevsky” where the owner Natalia Shpakova, the Club member, arranged a tea party. The representatives of public organizations dealing with disabled people were invited to tell about their work and share their experience. The representatives of exhibition halls, city administration and journalists were invited as well.

Set of activities 2007/2008

In October 2007 3 members of the club and SI club from Petrozavodsk visited town Harstad in Norway. They visited the monument to Russian prisoners-of-war died in Norwegian camps, bringing the memorial wreath to it. The members of Norwegian club organized charity lottery to sell the items made by disabled people from St.Petersburg and raised money to support the projects of Clubs from St.Petersburg and Petrozavodsk. This visit experience helped our club organize lessons in painting for patients in phsychoneurologic dispensary with talented artist Anver as a teacher.

Archived projects

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